transformation | nj teen high school senior portrait photographer

It’s really not about the pictures. It’s about helping her SEE herself as beautiful and strong. Inside and out.

Photography for the tween and teen set can be such a gift to boost confidence and self-esteem. It’s an eye-opening experience celebrating their story and this special age.

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Ask me about the Glitter Girl photography experience exclusive for tween and teen girls.



Get Gorgeous is BACK! | NJ business branding photographer


Ready, set, GET GORGEOUS! Join us for a photography experience on October 2nd at Blow In Blow Out in Summit. If you are tired of your boring headshot and want a new photo that turns heads and gets you noticed, grab your reservation here - Only 6 spots left!

Enjoy head to toe service with a hair blowout, make up application, jewelry and wardrobe styling and a short and sweet photography session. You will feel and look beautiful and confident! Who wouldn’t want that for business and in life?

Hair by Blow In Blow Out

Makeup by Kanani Briggs – Arbonne Independent Consultant

Jewelry by Frugal Fashionistas

mikifoto packages | nj family photographer

Parents are filled with joy when they see the final products of their photography session. They LOVE turning the pages of their albums, gifting prints to relatives and seeing their child’s story blown up big on canvas.

This is why I offer all inclusive packages (versus a la carte). Every package of mine includes the session, digital files and a printed product. I do this because we all get busy and sometimes, we never get around to printing. Let me take care of that all for you. I can design your album. I can create a wall gallery for your home. I can turn your photos into fun gift ideas. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the story of your family and life.


togetherness | new jersey family photographer

Together is our favorite place to be.


Family fall sessions are now in full swing! Only a handful of spots left for the rest of the year. If you are ready to celebrate your family’s story, contact me at

I would love to capture your connection.

10 things you might not know about me | NJ portrait photographer


It is sometimes so easy to hide behind the camera. So in my effort to infuse more of myself into my business and put myself out there, I will share ten things about me that you may or may not know.

1) I can parallel park like nobody’s business.  Most likely learned from my days living and having a car in NYC, I can still impress my husband with this skill.

2) I have lived in 7 states all across the country including NY, MI, MA, CA, CO, FL and now NJ.  I still think there are a few more moves left in our journey.

3) I love to travel and would take a stamp in my passport over a designer bag or shoes any day.

4) I am addicted to coffee. Extra hot and preferably hazelnut. Just talking about it is making me crave a cup.

5) I still get nervous when I speak in front of a group. I do public speaking more now then I ever did, but I still get a dose of nerves.

6) I am a purging master. New things come into the house and old things come out.  I just don’t like too much stuff. And watch out if I get into a purging mood, just ask my family.

7) I am a learning addict. I have probably signed up for every free webinar or PDF offer. I just really love to learn and grow, especially if it is business oriented.

8) I hate tardiness. If I have to wait longer then 15 minutes, I am not a happy camper.

9) I am an eternal entrepreneur. Before mikifoto, I have had two other businesses including a handbag line designed from vintage Indian saris (Asiatic) and a children’s appliqué t-shirt line (Kid Guru). What will be next?

10) I began my photography business about 7 years ago. It all started because I was feeling lonely and disconnected from my family who lived on the opposite coast.  I had two young boys and it would break my heart that no one would truly know who they were. I started to take storytelling photos so my relatives could see how they laughed, what they were interested in and how they interacted as brothers. Photography helped me feel connected and became my life line.  Now I am lucky enough to celebrate and capture other people’s stories as well.

Hope this gives you a bit more insight into the person behind the lens!


Photo credit : lot 116

Open Model Call | NJ Tween & Teen Photographer

Calling all girls in the Northern NJ area between the ages of 10-17 for a super fun model call at The House in Millburn. I am collaborating with this amazing boutique/salon/spa to help them find four fresh new faces for their website and fashion look book.  Join us on Sunday, October 5th from 2-4 PM. No experience necessary.  All you need is a positive attitude and a smile!


bittersweet and back to school | nj child photographer

After weeks of endless summer play and noise, I thought I would welcome the first day of school with open arms. My boys are now entering 7th Grade, 4th Grade and Kindergarten. Yet, I am sitting home in the quiet, feeling a bit of that bittersweet sadness. Another new year means everyone is getting older (me included). Plus, this year was extra special because my youngest entered kindergarten. No more little ones at home. Now everyone gets on the bus and off to school. A new milestone bringing on some fear mixed with excitement and joy.  Oh what fun change brings! This is what the first day of school looks like at our house.  Wishing you a smooth and happy transition back to school.

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the golden hour | nj child photographer

In the photography world, the golden hour is the period of time right before sunset. For many of us, it is the optimal time to shoot.  There is something truly magical and luminous about the sunlight at this time of day.  See how the light dances in her hair. See how the sun beams spill from the sky.  I just love love love the halo glow. Simply beautiful! (And of course my subject too!)

2014-08-22_0002 2014-08-27_0008 2014-08-27_0009 2014-08-27_0010 2014-08-27_0011


Try it yourself. Grab your camera at 6-ish  in the evening  and see how the light falls on your subjects.  Let me know if you too can see the magic in this golden hour.

Happi-Mess | New Jersey Tween Photographer

What could be better then a stylized photo shoot playing dress up with friends on a beautiful summer evening? CUPCAKE WARS!

This photography session was so festive. I loved every colorful detail. The girls are long time friends and I truly enjoyed their story and connection. Again, I just love this tween age!

2014-08-27_0001 2014-08-27_0002 2014-08-27_0003 2014-08-27_0004 2014-08-27_0005 2014-08-27_0006 2014-08-27_0007

Are you interested in a bite sized photography session with me? I have scheduled my LAST mini photo session of the year.  Find out the sign up details here.

at summer’s end | nj photographer


Are you feeling some summer sadness to see the warm weather and lazy days go? I know I am! I am holding on tight to these last precious days of summer, before school and schedules take over on September 2nd.

Here are five things I plan to do before the summer ends:

1) Late night smores.

2) After dinner family walks.

3) Day trips to New York City.

4) Nature hike at local arboretum.

5) Paddle boating.

How about you? What is on your list of things to do before back to school hits?